I have some catching up to do here, so prepare to receive a glut of posts over the coming weeks… But, to ease us back in gently, I’m starting with doodles!

I only recently noticed the amount of doodling I do during my day job, so I thought it might be worth documenting my little scribbles somewhere. They probably offer some kind of insight into my psyche (a LOT of leaves I notice) but then again, if they do, it might be best not to know… ;).

They’re hardly noteworthy, just five minute doodles, so rather than post them all individually here, I’ll be sharing them regularly on Instagram @scribblesinink (my favourite tag? #shitidoinmeetings). It feels like a good excuse for me to be more active there at least, as I’ve been neglecting pretty much everything of late. And I like that I can be less precious and more prolific about what I’m sharing as they are, literally, just doodles.

Anyway, still to come: updates on the SLOC label, a new web project, the Winter Juno illustrations and… I’ve found a new canvas to work on, which I’m super excited about… Like I said, lots to catch up on!

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