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small victories

Been meaning to post an update on the whisky label for a while, but I kept getting side tracked… After my long winded meandering post way back, things changed (again). The cool thing is that despite heading back in the original direction, we managed to compromise. So, while Dunnottar Wines get their more traditional illustrated […]

seasons change

It might still feel like winter (especially when I’m waiting for daylight to take photographs :)) but the early spring issue of Juno magazine is out now. And I’m always super flattered when editor Saffia uses my image in the online advertising or contents page. As there will be more issues of Juno per year from […]

skin and bones

New year, new canvas. I’m kinda fired up for a more creative 2017 and it feels good to have projects I’m excited about. The handsome chap in the photo is called Wilf – love his wonky horns! – and I’m gradually covering him with the moon and more evolved versions of my plant doodles. He’s […]

winter juno

The Juno winter issue is out. “creative recycled wrapping ideas, reviews of some lovely winter tales and recipes for hearty seasonal meals from the book ‘Winter Cabin Cooking’. There are also ideas for outdoor craft and exploration on frosty days” And my illustrations, obviously… 🙂


I have some catching up to do here, so prepare to receive a glut of posts over the coming weeks… But, to ease us back in gently, I’m starting with doodles! I only recently noticed the amount of doodling I do during my day job, so I thought it might be worth documenting my little scribbles somewhere. […]