winter juno


The Juno winter issue is out.

“creative recycled wrapping ideas, reviews of some lovely winter tales and recipes for hearty seasonal meals from the book ‘Winter Cabin Cooking’. There are also ideas for outdoor craft and exploration on frosty days”

And my illustrations, obviously… 🙂



I have some catching up to do here, so prepare to receive a glut of posts over the coming weeks… But, to ease us back in gently, I’m starting with doodles!

I only recently noticed the amount of doodling I do during my day job, so I thought it might be worth documenting my little scribbles somewhere. They probably offer some kind of insight into my psyche (a LOT of leaves I notice) but then again, if they do, it might be best not to know… ;).

They’re hardly noteworthy, just five minute doodles, so rather than post them all individually here, I’ll be sharing them regularly on Instagram @scribblesinink (my favourite tag? #shitidoinmeetings). It feels like a good excuse for me to be more active there at least, as I’ve been neglecting pretty much everything of late. And I like that I can be less precious and more prolific about what I’m sharing as they are, literally, just doodles.

Anyway, still to come: updates on the SLOC label, a new web project, the Winter Juno illustrations and… I’ve found a new canvas to work on, which I’m super excited about… Like I said, lots to catch up on!